Empresa i Treball allocates 6.5 million euros to improve the competitiveness of industrial SMEs with the acquisition of machinery

  • This line s’adreça to investment projects for the acquisition of advanced machinery and equipment of industry 4.0, oriented to the true and digital transformation
  • The sol·licituds is they can submit ends to the proper September 15

The Department of Business and Labor has launched the call for adjustments for digital transformation projects, in conjunction with the acquisition of advanced machinery and equipment (machinery and programming) for the adaptation to industry 4.0. The line foresees a maximum endowment of 6.5 million euros to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of companies in the industrial and production sector, and will allow subsidizing 20% ​​of the investment with a maximum of 50,000 euros d’adjust per project.

The Minister of Business and Work, Roger Towill give support to an essential part of our industrial sector in its adaptation to the new realities, to improve competitiveness and sustainability of buses, petites and mitjanes companies of the industrial sector and of service to production”rrent i Ramió, has highlighted that both this new line of services “. Torrent and the General Director of Industry, Natàlia Mas Guix, are going to announce the impulses of this line at the act of presenting the results of the adjustments to reindustrialization on June 30.

It is the first time in dotze anys that a line of accessories of these characteristics is summoned. In these cases, it will prioritize those projects where the size of the companies is smaller, with the greatest impact of industrial activity in Catalonia due to the impact of local suppliers, the generation or maintenance of the occupation, the impact of the project on the connectivitat i analysis of the data, the impact on the objectives of sustainable development (SDG), or the locations in regions with the highest level of tourism, among others.

The interested persons will present the applications for telematic meetings through the Company Channel (http://canalempresa.gencat.cat/ca/inici/). The solicitudes can be submitted until September 15, 2022.

The line is subject to the regulation of de minimis adjustments, and the payment of the adjustment must be made at the time of the concession to facilitate the rapid implementation of these projects. Both these supports investment, complement the lines of coupons for innovation, enabling an effective application of the recommendations of the diagnoses of those instruments, in the production process of the companies.

Industry in Catalonia

Currently, industry in Catalonia represents around 20% of GDP and 18% of employment, and more than 50% of GDP if we consider the different activities associated with it. It is a sector that has to face, in an accelerated way, the creep of the green transition and walk through the forms of production that are more respectful of the environment, for which reason they have been incorporated into this line of binding assessment criteria to the circular economy and environmental sustainability.



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