Neotecman rebuilds and expands its industrial warehouse

We have been fascinated by the amazing work that EGEIN has done


Neotecman needed a reconstruction and expansion of its industrial warehouse.

Renovate the warehouse after a fire.

The reform had to be done with a minimization of the overall project and construction deadlines.

We needed engineering like EGEIN that will help us improve the space and get the most out of the investment.

To be able to reduce the impact of the accident on the operational and commercial activity of the company.

Also help our client in provisional operational solutions in the execution phase.


EGEIN does not stop in the face of difficulties; He approaches them with innovation and determination. In this case, its comprehensive approach ranged from planning to project execution. The first step was to establish a detailed plan that included rebuilding the plant, expanding its capacities and implementing significant improvements to its infrastructure.

One of the keys to success was the implementation of interim operational solutions during the project execution phase. These temporary solutions allowed the client company to partially continue its operations, thus reducing the impact of the accident on its operational and commercial activity. This not only demonstrated EGEIN's ability to adapt, but also its commitment to the continuity of Neotecman's business.

EGEIN not only relies on its experience and knowledge, but also on the most cutting-edge technology available. From project management systems to state-of-the-art construction tools, the company leverages every tool at its disposal to ensure the project is completed efficiently and accurately.


What began as a devastating fire at the Neotecman company's industrial warehouse became an opportunity for EGEIN to demonstrate its ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. His comprehensive approach, combined with his commitment to innovation and technology, not only enabled the reconstruction of an industrial plant, but also paved the way to a stronger future for Neotecman.

Ultimately, the The success of this project not only lies in the reconstruction of an industrial plant, but in EGEIN's ability to turn adversity into opportunity, demonstrating once again why it is a leader in its field.

We have been fascinated by the amazing work that EGEIN has done


Sr. Manel Domingo - Sr. Carles Esteve


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“I totally recommend it and especially in turnkey projects, since it is a peace of mind and carefree knowing that you are in good hands.”


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