Turnkey construction

We carry out projects with a comprehensive turnkey service for the construction of industrial buildings.

Our buildings are calculated with the overloads for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels, in order to be able to carry out the immediate or future installation without unforeseen reinforcements or cost overruns.

We offer you the complete management of your project. We offer you to be the sole contact for your construction or extension project. The advantages for you are:

  • You do not have to worry about the coordination and control of works.
  • We accompany you in all phases: from the beginning with the conception and design to the end with the turnkey delivery.
  • We carry out the integral management of the construction project: engineering, industrial architecture and construction of industrial buildings.


Full engineering and construction service

Our commitment is to build your project with the best technical solutions, providing maximum functionality and quality. We seek the lowest possible cost, with no deviations in the execution of works.

We have an absolute commitment to the delivery and start-up date of the industrial installations.

We offer you our experience in industrial construction, with our comprehensive planning and management of both the project and the execution of works.


Earthworks and foundations.


Structural system

Types of floor slabs



A hollow core slab consists of the prefabrication and assembly of pre-stressed concrete slabs and an in-situ concrete compression layer for uniform load distribution and monolithism. Alveolar


Composite slabs

A composite slab is a type of mixed slab consisting of a ribbed steel sheet profile and a compression layer of in-situ concrete, in which the steel sheet itself fulfils a load-bearing function as positive reinforcement.


Types of Façades

Types of roofs

Sandwich panel



Technical installations Turnkey

Medium voltage, low voltage and lighting

Industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation

Voice and data, alarms and weak currents

Water and sanitation

Pressure equipment and industrial installations

Thermal and photovoltaic solar

Fire protection