Construction of logistics platforms

EGEIN Engineering & Construction helps distribution and logistics companies to set up or expand in Catalonia, through a comprehensive service that ranges from consulting and logistics engineering to optimization of warehouse design, logistics construction engineering and turnkey construction. in the hands of the logistics platform, accompanying our clients until the start-up of their facilities.

With 50 years of experience in the industrial and logistics engineering and construction sector at an international level, our multidisciplinary technical teams are specialists in the optimization of the structural project and PCI, from the design phase to the execution of the platform and its start-up, without deviations in the budget or in the execution period.

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Logistics consulting:

* Audit and diagnosis in Supply Chain.
* Strategic planning of the supply chain.
* Optimization of the demand and supply planning process.
* Design and optimization of warehouses.
* Definition of transport model and strategy.
* Centralization / Decentralization of operations.
* Adjustments of stock and service levels.
* Global logistics cost optimization projects.
* Selection and management of Personnel specialized in Supply Chain and Logistics.

Logistics engineering:

* Design, planning and implementation of Logistics models.
* Improvement of flows and processes in the supply chain.
* Organizational and functional design.
* Detailed project for the implementation of warehouses.
* Follow-up of the implementation of logistics solutions.
* Transfer Planning.
* Search and selection of location.
* Project Manageme

Construction engineering and facilities:

* Investment studies.
* Basic and executive projects of logistics construction.
* Executive projects of facilities.
* Facultative Direction of execution of works and installations.
* Chemical product storage projects (APQ).
* Fire protection projects (PCI).
* Activity legalization projects and Environmental License.
* Projects and legalizations of Industrial Safety facilities.
* Food safety and water treatment.
* Safety and health studies.
* Health and safety coordination in the execution phase.
* Management of administrative licenses and subsidies.
* Interior architecture and offices.

Turnkey logistics construction:

  • Turnkey logistics construction.
    •Optimized constructive solution, according to the needs of the project, through a structural and enclosure system:
    •Precast concrete: standardized and fast execution solution. •• Interior pillar reduction solution.
    •Mixed construction: concrete pillars and steel roof structure, optimizing the global technical solution.
    •Fire Protection Installation System (PCI) and optimized sectorizations.

Advantages of clients who trust EGEIN to build their platform:

•Have a single contact person for the entire process, from design to start-up.
•Reduction of execution times for works and start-up.
•No deviations in the budget or in the execution period.

Our teams help our clients comprehensively:

* Engineering and Technical Office.
* Own teams of civil works and assembly.
* Partners and first level technical providers.

Logistics platform construction projects:

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