Innovation in industrial concrete floors with Lithium NL: Durability and Efficiency for your company

At EGEIN, we are committed to technical excellence and innovation in each project. That is why we apply Lithium NL technology to saturation in our industrial concrete floors, guaranteeing more durable and low-maintenance surfaces.

Technical and Economic Advantages:

1. Unmatched Durability: The reaction of lithium silicate with calcium hydroxide increases the density of concrete, forming calcium silicates that significantly improve wear and impact resistance.

2. Resistance to Chemical Products: Floors treated with Lithium NL show greater resistance to acids, salts and other aggressive chemicals, protecting your long-term investment.

3. Low Maintenance: Unlike paints or resins, lithium treatment reduces the porosity of the concrete, sealing the pores and minimizing the generation of dust, making cleaning and maintenance easier.

4. Impermeability: The treated surface is impermeable to oils, coolants and other liquids, which greatly simplifies cleaning tasks and keeps the surface in optimal conditions.

5. Improved Aesthetics: The treated surfaces offer a homogeneous and shiny appearance, improving the work environment and projecting a professional and well-kept image.

Success stories:
TRANSVISA – DHL in Igualada (Barcelona)
TEG in Vilablareix (Girona)
JOBEXMAN in Bescanó (Girona)

These facilities are proof of EGEIN’s commitment to quality and efficiency. In each of these projects, our clients have experienced the technical and economic advantages of a floor treated with Lithium NL, benefiting from a durable and optimized solution.

Technical and Economic Optimization:

At EGEIN, we understand the importance of smart investment. By opting for industrial flooring treated with Lithium NL, companies not only improve the durability and performance of their facilities, but also optimize their long-term maintenance costs.



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