Aid for renewable energy for thermal use

A line of aid has been opened to promote renewable energies for thermal use endowed with 27.3 million euros. The objective of this program is to advance in the energy transition by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energies for the generation of cold and heat.

The line is endowed with resources from European Next Generation funds, and applications can be made from August 2.

The call wants to encourage energy sources such as solar thermal energy, biomass, geothermal energy, aerothermal energy and hydrothermal energy, as well as promoting hot and cold microgrids based on renewable energies.

Often, the electrification of this type of needs is not technically or economically viable, so it is necessary to advance in the coverage of these demands with thermal renewable energies.

Who can ask for them?

Self-employed professionals, companies, organizations and non-profit entities and public administrations may opt.

  • All those beneficiaries who carry out an economic activity will have to start the action from the opening of the call.
  • Beneficiaries who do not carry out an economic activity for which they offer goods and/or services may benefit from it if the action has been carried out since December 23, 2021.
  • In the case of installations in non-residential buildings, establishments and infrastructures of the public sector, all those actions that have been carried out since December 23, 2021 will be eligible.



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