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EGEIN Engineering & Construction specialises in the entire process of engineering and turnkey construction of industrial, logistics, commercial and office buildings, accompanying its clients from the conception, design and optimisation of the project to the commissioning of their facilities.

We offer our clients all our knowledge and experience for the construction of their projects, with the objectives of optimising the cost, quality and execution time of the works.



Our expertise

45 years of experience in industrial engineering and construction

More than 1M m2 of built-up area

We carry out the entire process, from the design, calculation and definition of the new buildings, the engineering and turnkey execution of the work and the technical installations, to the commissioning of the new industry, logistics platform or commercial building.

Quality and short delivery times

We provide the added value of functional and structural optimisation of the project, under the criteria of quality and minimisation of costs and execution times for works and installations.

Design, engineering and construction

EGEIN is a leading company in the design, engineering and construction of industrial, logistics, retail and office buildings, using metal and prefabricated concrete structures, providing a comprehensive solution to the needs of new constructions or the extension of existing buildings.

EGEIN maintains a full evolution in several areas such as:

Health and Safety

Quality Certificates

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Health and safety

For EGEIN, health and safety is a priority in the execution of works. For this reason, our projects are designed and conceived from the outset for the execution with industrialised construction systems, auxiliary means and assemblies under maximum safety criteria for its workers, collaborators and external people.



We promote more sustainable construction that has economic, environmental and social benefits for everyone involved in the life of a building.


British Certificate. We promote a more sustainable construction with economic, environmental and social benefits.


American certificate that has developed a detailed standard to check the level of sustainability of all types of buildings.

Passive House

Consulting and certification in office energy efficiency, accredited by the Passive House Institute (PHI)


Spanish certificate that promotes sustainable construction as a factor of economic, environmental and social benefits.


EGEIN is a member company of the Official College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, with a technical support and collaboration network, which guarantees continuous training, advice, networking and exchanges that favour the permanent technical updating of the engineers of our technical team.


We work with ESF to ensure universal access to basic services and land and resource management in developing countries.


EGEIN has incorporated the use of drones for aerial inspection and supervision, which allows us to monitor the works and access areas that are difficult to access or not recommended for safety reasons.

No, we take care of everything.
Our works execution team is highly qualified and has extensive experience, involvement and specialisation, both in civil works and in the assembly of structures and enclosures, for the execution of our works with the highest quality and reliability, and all of this with the monitoring of planning and technical supervision by the project and works managers as the sole interlocutor with our clients.


Yes, you will have a private online platform where you will be able to see the whole process, status, images and the current %.

We carry out your industrial construction throughout the national territory and France.

Yes, in the project details we indicate all the delivery times.

We use BIM technology for the 3D modelling of our projects, in all their phases, from foundations and structures to enclosures and finishes, thus allowing easy and safe interaction with other industrialists, the optimisation of production and construction systems on site, real-time control of the project status, as well as better information on the finished building for the implementation of machinery, maintenance operations, or future extensions.


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