Industrial building

EGEIN is highly specialized and has 45 years of experience in the design and construction of industrial buildings and production plants, using metallic solutions in steel, prefabricated concrete or mixed.

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Types of buildings

Steel structures, prefabricated or mixtas in industrial constructions.


  • We optimize and build warehouses in metallic structure, achieving spans over 50 m. without intermediate pillars.
  • Our works are certified EXC4, complying with the maximum level of requirement of the European CE standard.
  • We articulate the union in the foundations to optimize the dimensioning of these, and thus reduce the cost of the structure-foundation set.
  • By integrating engineering and integral construction from the beginning, we are able to reduce costs and execution times.


height increase 85%
Flexibility 90%
Abutment reduction 98%
Cost reduction 98%

Industrial steel constructions:


  • We optimize through industrialized concrete systems all phases of design, engineering, manufacturing, transport and assembly.
  • We develop projects with adaptation of standardization in industrialization to reduce costs.
  • The manufacture of prefabricated elements complies with the European CE standard certification, under the highest quality controls.
  • We reduce costs and execution times significantly in relation to disaggregated solutions, eliminating unforeseen events or cost overruns in the construction phase.


Fire behaviour 90%
Durability 95%
Cost reduction 98%
Reduced deadlines 98%

Prefabricated industrial buildings:


Mixed industrial buildings can have different combinations: steel and wood, concrete and steel, wood and concrete.

image 85%
Reduction of Deadlines 90%
Structural Optimization 95%
Flexibility 98%

Mixed industrial constructions:

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Main differences between industrial buildings

Steel, prefabricated or composite structures in industrial buildings.

Industrial building

  • Design: Wide-span structures without intermediate pillars
  • Fast assembly and cost savings in transport
  • Cost reduction in transport and assembly
  • Safety: very safe structures in case of overloads
  • Flexibility for future extensions and adaptations
  • Good acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Durability of structures
  • Aesthetics: variety of finishes and colours
  • Reusability: ease of disassembly and relocation
  • Sustainability: steel is 100% recyclable

Industrial building

  • Design: Design Build
  • Speed: short lead times
  • Costs: Very competitive due to prefabrication
  • Safety: risk reduction for workers
  • Structural fire stability
  • Good acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Durability of the work
  • Durability and low maintenance
  • Multiplant capacity
  • Diversity of aesthetic finishes

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