H&M opens its 4 warehouses in a very short time

EGEIN stands out for its punctuality and trust



Optimize an architecture project with execution costs that are too high.

Design a building for rent with 4 warehouses, without intermediate pillars and with all fire safety measures, in an optimized way.

The partners did not want this to involve them allocating time from their main activities in the automotive and installations sector to worry about coordinating the construction works, since they did not have this time nor could they compromise their production.

Demanding deadlines due to the commitment to the tenants on the delivery date of the warehouses.

Ensure that the warehouses comply with all local and international regulations in terms of construction and industrial safety.

Space optimization and functional design

Keep the project within budget and ensure its completion within the stipulated deadlines

Integrate green building solutions and energy efficiency technologies and implement advanced technology in the construction and operation of warehouses and have positive impact on the community and local acceptance.

Establish effective communication and manage the expectations of everyone involved.


At EGEIN we implemented technical advances in concrete prefabrication in the construction of four industrial warehouses for H&M, managing to reduce construction time by 20%, maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency.
On the other hand, the warehouses built for H&M comply with demanding quality and safety regulations, using high-specification concrete to guarantee robust and durable structures, suitable for intensive industrial use.
Also, at EGEIN we are committed to sustainable practices, so we designed the warehouses for H&M with energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint, establishing a new standard in ecological construction for industrial facilities.


Finally, the construction of the industrial warehouses for H&M was the result of top-of-the-line project management and effective collaboration between all technical and creative levels, guaranteeing a fluid process and results that exceeded the client's expectations. Since their completion, the warehouses have provided H&M with optimal facilities for its rental operations, demonstrating their superior functionality in a competitive and demanding commercial environment.

On the other hand, the industrial warehouses for H&M were designed taking into account energy efficiency and the reduction of the carbon footprint, establishing a new standard in ecological construction for industrial facilities.

To finish, H&M's industrial warehouses were built ensuring that each space not only meets your operational needs, but also reflects your commitment to quality and efficiency.

We are very satisfied with the final execution of the building, overall. It’s 100%, they couldn’t have done it better.

Mr Nicolas Millot

H&M Immobilier

Based on your experience of this industrial construction project, you recommend EGEIN & TAU to other companies that plan to build or renovate their industrial or commercial buildings?

“We recommend them because we are very satisfied with the execution times and the completion of the project. If in the future at H&M Immobilier we need other industrial projects, we would not hesitate to work with the EGEIN group again”


They have always been attentive to our needs.


Everything has been resolved without any incident.


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