Do you still have fibre cement roofing on your industrial building?

Did you know that a law is going to be passed that establishes the obligation to withdraw it?

Please be informed that the draft of the draft Law on Waste and Contaminated Soil that should be approved before the summer in the 14th additional provision establishes the following in relation to facilities and sites with asbestos: Before 1 January 2023, local councils will draw up a census of installations and sites with asbestos, including a timetable for their removal. This census, which will be public, will be sent to the competent health and environmental authorities of the autonomous communities, which must inspect to verify, respectively, that they have been removed and sent to an authorised manager.

For more information, see the following link:

If you want to anticipate this problem, we can manage the removal of the fibre cement roof and make a new roof without health risks, with better watertightness, insulation and natural lighting.

We can inform you and give you an estimate for the replacement of the roof:



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