Photovoltaic installation in Celrà

EGEIN has designed the Solar Photovoltaic installation in an industrial steel construction.

EGEIN carried out the design of the solar photovoltaic installation for self-consumption of 240kWp, installed on the metal roof of one of our clients in an industrial building.

From the beginning, the industrial consumption during daytime hours is generated almost entirely by solar production, minimising the energy cost of the installation. High return on investment, with a payback period of 5 years and IRR (15a) of 17%.

Our installations are monitored for continuous monitoring and analysis of energy performance, providing our customers with a cloud platform where they can consult their energy production in real time from any location, as well as analysis and graphs of energy and environmental savings.

Do you want to reduce the energy consumption of your industry? Do we help you to make your investment profitable by taking advantage of the available space on the roof of your factory?

Can we help you to finance the project?

Do you want to contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution by generating clean energy from km 0?

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