You are aware of the importance of the roof of your building for the development of your industrial or logistics activity ?

In these photos, taken today on the roof of a logistics building that EGEIN is building turnkey, you can see different elements that contribute to the proper functioning of the building.

1. First of all, I guess you guessed it, TIGHTNESS. One of the main functions of the cover is to provide watertightness, air and external atmospheric agents.

We achieve this through overlapping and sealed sandwich panels, assembled by our highly experienced teams, not only prioritizing assembly performance but also the quality and durability of the cover. The channels, finials, downspouts and other elements contribute to the proper functioning of the whole.

2. Secondly, THERMAL INSULATION of the building is also necessary, since the roof is the most exposed element and with the greatest thermal impact on the building. We achieve this through PIR or LR insulation, seeking the highest performance according to the use of each building.

3. Beyond the previous basic features, in today’s example cover we can see VENTILATION SYSTEMS, necessary for renewal of the air inside the building.

4. We observe strips of cellular polycarbonate to provide NATURAL LIGHTING evenly distributed on the interior work surface, to reduce energy consumption and minimize the electricity bill, as well as to improve the comfort of the work spaces through natural light.

5. Another element of high importance that we see in the photographs are the FIRE SYSTEMS using automatic smoke extraction vents using pneumatic installation and control systems.

6. Support for the installation of PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM.

In our roofs we always consider in the design phase the overloads and fixing systems necessary for the installation of photovoltaic panels, as is the case of the roof we are dealing with today.

And without forgetting that all of this must be assembled with maximum safety during the construction phase, due to the risk of working at height.

And all these elements must be mounted at the same time, guaranteeing the tightness of the singular points and deliveries, as well as avoiding any thermal bridge that could cause internal condensation.

Achieving all these features is the result of teamwork, from the design in the engineering phase to the assembly on site, including the meticulous disassembly and organization of the technical office.

At EGEIN we are very aware of the great importance of the covers that we install in our industrial and logistics buildings.



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