Efficiency in assembly: expansion of the logistics platform with precast concrete systems

We are pleased to highlight the progress of our construction teams in the assembly process of the expansion of a logistics platform for interviews in France.

This project illustrates our ability to plan and execute without deviations from the budget or work schedule.

Precast Concrete Construction Our construction excellence is based on the use of industrialized precast concrete systems.

This approach allows the quick and efficient construction of a 13-meter-high logistics warehouse, with 3 loading docks and 31 meters wide, without the need for interior pillars, also complying with the ICPE fire classification.

Thanks to all this, we are providing the new logistics platform with maximum storage capacity and future flexibility.

Challenging weather conditions In a region characterized by adverse weather conditions and snowfall, reducing delivery times and minimizing labor on the construction site through prefabricated systems significantly improves safety conditions on the construction site.

This approach minimizes the risks of unforeseen events, cost overruns and delays during execution in the construction phase.

Innovation and sustainability Our innovation is not limited to construction efficiency; It also encompasses aesthetics and functionality.

In this project we integrated our client’s logo into the concrete panels themselves.

This strategy not only provides a modern look, but also eliminates the need for subsequent signage.

In addition, it increases its durability, ensuring a strong and long-lasting brand.

End-to-end technical solutions At EGEIN we offer complete technical solutions to our clients.

This includes exceptional project planning and management that optimizes costs and on-site response times.

Our multidisciplinary engineering and construction teams are available every step of the way, from design to commissioning of new buildings and facilities.

Facilitate operational growth Our commitment is to allow our clients to grow operationally without worrying about the construction process.

We take care of all the details so that you can concentrate on developing your industrial or logistics activity.

At EGEIN we not only build structures; We are building a stronger, brighter future for our customers.



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