At EGEIN we are proud to announce the successful completion of the engineering and construction project of the new NEOTECMAN facilities.

This collaboration has transformed NEOTECMAN’s main production facility, with a renovated building layout, the relocation of the spare parts warehouse to Hall #2, and an upgrade to the die production facilities.

The result is a large, well-lit space designed for die testing and training sessions for NEOTECMAN customers.

This advancement not only optimizes NEOTECMAN’s operational capabilities but also significantly improves the customer service experience.

We extend our congratulations to NEOTECMAN for achieving this important operational improvement. It has been an honor for EGEIN to collaborate on this project, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in engineering and construction.

We invite everyone to experience NEOTECMAN’s innovation first-hand and see their machines in action in this newly updated space.



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We have been accompanying our clients for more than 45 years in the development of the project until the start-up of the facilities with the seriousness, commitment and professionalism that characterizes us.