International construction: EGEIN’s experience in global projects.

We are pleased to highlight EGEIN’s experience in international projects, with a continuous trajectory of more than 20 years in the field of construction, with a specialized focus on the French and Spanish markets, and with interventions in Turkey and Morocco. Our extensive experience in these projects is based on several essential pillars that ensure success and excellence in each phase of the process.

Normative and legal connection

One of our main assets is our deep knowledge of the regulations and legislation in force in France and Spain. This connection does not allow you to easily navigate the legal and regulatory requirements of each country, guaranteeing regulatory compliance in all our international projects.

This extensive knowledge and experience in both countries has not allowed us to help French companies to establish themselves in Spain, as well as to help national companies expand to the country.

Comprehensive assessment

At EGEIN, we understand that the success of an international project does not depend on the physical construction, but also on a solid legal, labor and financial basis. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive assessment in all these areas, ensuring that our clients are fully supported at every stage of the process.

Directory of specialized suppliers

We have a wide and solid network of specialized industrial suppliers, both in France and Spain. This vermell allows access to the finest materials, equipment and services necessary for the execution of our international projects, guaranteeing quality and efficiency in every detail.

“Turnkey” methodology

Our “turnkey” project methodology is one of our greatest hallmarks. Això means that we take care of everything, from the initial design to the final delivery of the project, providing our clients with a comprehensive solution without concerns. This approach guarantees perfect coordination between all the parties involved, avoiding cost deviations and unnecessary delays.

Advantages for our clients

The advantages of triating EGEIN for its international projects are clear. Our experience, knowledge and “turnkey” methodology ensure that each project carries a road in an efficient, profitable and successful manner. With us, our clients can have peace of mind knowing they are in good hands, regardless of the complexity or location of the project.

At EGEIN we are committed to offering international construction solutions of the highest quality, backed by our experience, professionalism and commitment to excellence. Trust us to finish your international project at the next level.



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