Turnkey engineering and construction of a commercial and office building

We made progress in the turnkey engineering and construction process of a new building for commercial use and business center in France with a useful area of ​​2,300 m2.

edificio comercial

After carrying out the design and engineering project phases, and having executed the earthworks and foundation systems, we are in the assembly phase of the structure and enclosures in precast concrete, with our on-site assembly teams.

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The project, located in a seismic zone, has been developed with BIM technology and calculated according to Eurocode regulations, with high performance through a structure made up of pillars and precast concrete girders and prestressed floors that allow us large spans without intermediate pillars.

Agrosud edifici comercial

The facades are made using precast concrete panels with internal insulation and RPT-24 thermal break, achieving a thermal transmission coefficient of 0.354 W/m2K to improve comfort and reduce the building’s energy consumption. The building as a whole is stable against fire, and has partitioning in dividing walls by means of firewalls.

agrosud edificio comercial

Priority has been given to speed and safety in the assembly phase, with detailed planning of cargo and transport logistics, and of the on-site assembly teams to achieve assembly of the entire prefabricated building in a total period of 9 days.

Next, we will proceed to the installation of the collective protection security systems, and the assembly of the roof using a 150 mm thick rock wool panel for high thermal performance of the building, and the best A2 fire reaction classification. -s1, d0, according to European standard EN-13501-1. It has been designed minimizing the joints on the roof with panels of special length and assembly using suction cup and crane mechanisms for optimal waterproofing, and improvement of deadlines and safety in the assembly phase.

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The future photovoltaic installation on the roof has been planned for the best energy efficiency of the building.

Through the integration of the turnkey design and execution process, we have optimized the cost and execution time of the project with a single interlocutor for our client, without budget or planning deviations in the project and execution phases of works.



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