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The conversion of an old textile factory into a modern 4,500m² logistics warehouse with 2 cold rooms and 3 loading docks involves a series of highly complex technical and construction processes.

Firstly, an exhaustive structural and feasibility analysis is carried out to determine the suitability of the existing structure and its capacity to support the new loads and logistical requirements. Material resistance studies and load calculations are carried out to ensure the integrity and safety of the building.

Subsequently, the existing facilities are demolished and dismantled, including obsolete machinery and deteriorated structural elements. This process is carried out with specialized machinery and following strict safety and environmental control standards.

Once the space is cleared, the construction phase begins, which includes the installation of thermal insulation systems for the cold rooms, as well as the placement of insulating panels on walls and ceilings to guarantee the maintenance of the appropriate temperature inside the store.

Loading docks are designed and built to facilitate the efficient loading and unloading of goods, with the installation of leveling systems and automatic doors to optimize the flow of products in and out.

Finally, final tests and adjustments are carried out to ensure the correct functioning of all facilities and systems, thus guaranteeing that the new warehouse meets the highest quality and safety standards required in the logistics sector. This transformation process requires the coordination of a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in engineering, architecture, construction and logistics, as well as the use of advanced technologies and materials to guarantee the success of the project.


EGEIN's intervention covered a wide spectrum of technical activities, from the initial engineering phase to the last stage of urbanization. Throughout the entire process, EGEIN stood out for offering effective and fast technical solutions, adapted to the specific needs of each phase of the project.

In the engineering stage, detailed analyzes and feasibility studies were carried out to define the best design and construction strategy. Advanced 3D modeling tools were used to visualize and optimize the project, allowing possible problems to be identified and adjustments to be made before the execution of the works.

During the construction phase, EGEIN demonstrated its professionalism and experience by efficiently coordinate all aspects related to the execution of the works. Measures were implemented to guarantee strict compliance with the established timing, minimizing delays and ensuring the completion of the project within the agreed deadlines.

In addition, EGEIN's work teams stood out for their efficiency and commitment, demonstrating a high level of competence and dedication in each assigned task. Thanks to their experience and skills, they managed to overcome the technical and operational challenges that arose during the development of the project, guaranteeing the quality and success of the final result.

In summary, EGEIN's intervention was characterized by its capacity to offer comprehensive and effective technical solutions at all stages of the process, supported by a highly qualified professional team committed to meeting the established objectives.


The collaboration with EGEIN has been fundamental for SOSA INGREDIENTS, since it has given them the peace of mind necessary to achieve the established objectives in terms of deadlines and quality of the project. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of EGEIN, efficient and effective execution has been achieved, thus guaranteeing an optimal final result for the company.

“Egein como empresa tiene 2 puntos fuertes, por un lado, el servicio de Ingeniería y, por otro lado, la constructora con personal muy cualificado.



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