Live video of the geotechnical study that we are carrying out for a new project and turnkey construction work that we started in France.

Do you know the importance and impact of this analysis carried out in specialized laboratories on an unaltered soil sample?

A geotechnical study is essential before building an industrial warehouse.

This detailed soil analysis determines the mechanical properties and composition of the soil, crucial factors to ensure the structural safety of the building. By understanding the geotechnical conditions, EGEIN engineers can design and size foundations optimally, adapting to the specificities of the soil.

This not only ensures the stability and durability of the structure, but also allows the design to be optimized, avoiding unnecessary oversizing and reducing costs.

In this case, in view of the in situ drilling, we already have a first preliminary information of the appearance of a basaltic stratum at 2m. deep, which will allow us to anchor the foundation with the maximum guarantees and reduce the cost of the foundations.

In short, the geotechnical study is an essential step for any construction project, which protects the investment and ensures a safe and economically efficient development.



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