Do you know the importance of good preparation of the platform and rethinking the foundations of your new industrial or logistics building?

Although they are elements that are not visible, the platform of an industrial building and the redesign of its foundation are essential to guarantee the structural integrity and operational efficiency of the building.

The platform, which must be designed to support static and dynamic loads, ensures equitable weight distribution and minimizes the risk of differential settlement. For this, the correct execution of the subbase and base is necessary through quality control of identification and compaction in situ.

Rethinking the foundation, on the other hand, is critical to ensure that the construction conforms to the plans and technical specifications, avoiding deviations that could compromise the safety or operation of the building. An adequate prior geotechnical analysis and a detailed structural design are essential to adapt the foundation solution to the ground conditions, maximizing the useful life of the infrastructure and optimizing construction and maintenance costs. This process requires an engineering team and the application of advanced technologies such as construction information modeling (BIM) to effectively integrate and coordinate all stages of the project and the definition of the ground zero of the work.

To move from design to reality, the involvement of a competent construction team is essential, essential in the construction of platforms and foundations, ensuring precision, efficiency and safety. Their experience guarantees compliance with technical and regulatory specifications, optimizing resources and time. The multidisciplinary collaboration between its members facilitates problem solving and adaptation to the challenges of the field, key to the success of the project.

At EGEIN we can help you throughout the process, from the design and optimization of technical solutions to the turnkey construction of your new industrial or logistics building, providing all the know-how and experience of our engineering and construction teams for the overall success of your project.



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