Emblematic logistics platform in the Sant Gregori industrial estate

We had the pleasure of completing one of our most ambitious projects: the construction of a logistics platform in the core of the Sant Gregori Industrial Park, Girona. This development, extending over a total area of ​​34,000 m², was designed to become a point of reference in the logistics and business field.

Conceived with the vision of flexibility and adaptability, the logistics infrastructure integrated warehouses with varied surfaces, all modular to respond to the changing demands of our clients. This design ensured a tailored solution for each entity, regardless of its size or sector of activity.

The structure of the complex harmonized modern engineering, fusing steel and prestressed concrete for the main structure, along with prefabricated and metal enclosures. This combination not only provided durability, but also energy efficiency and safety.

Beyond the logistics facilities, the project encompassed a state-of-the-art office building and business center, designed to promote collaboration between the various resident entities. General services and a restaurant added value to the complex, creating a complete and pleasant work environment.

Located in Sant Gregori, Girona, this logistics park not only enjoys a strategic location but also exceptional access to the main communication arteries, thus facilitating logistics and distribution at both a national and international level.

At EGEIN, we are committed to excellence and innovation in each of our projects.

This logistics park represented a tangible example of our approach: integrating ingenious solutions with sustainable and efficient buildings. We were proud to contribute to business and logistics advancement through facilities that, in addition to meeting current demands, are prepared to face future challenges.

For more details about this project and other services we provide, we invite our clients and partners to contact us.

Together, we were able to explore how this space has already begun to optimally serve the logistical and business needs of the area.



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