Galvanizing factory once again trusts our team for the construction of a precast concrete industrial warehouse

Egein has developed the technical project, the manufacture and is currently in the assembly phase of an industrial warehouse using a precast concrete system in Béziers (France) for a galvanizing and metal manufacturing industry for a client who previously trusted our team with a first construction phase.

The construction system is made up of precast concrete pillars embedded in the foundation by means of a chalice, primary and secondary structure for the roof in prestressed concrete, and precast enclosing panels mounted horizontally, with incorporated polystyrene insulation. The interior divisions in solid precast concrete guarantee fire protection between the different sectors.

After developing the technical project using the BIM system and calculations with Eurocode, validated by the French control entities, and carrying out the foundation by our civil works teams, the assembly of the prefabricated warehouse is being carried out with the highest standards of quality and protection of the building against an aggressive chemical environment of the interior industrial process.

The manufacturing process, transport logistics and on-site assembly are being carried out by our teams without any budgetary deviation or execution deadlines, according to the planning provided by our technical office and contracted with the client.

Through the turnkey design and execution of the whole industrial building, we have managed to reduce the costs and execution times of the project, helping the growth and improvement of processes for our client, without deviations and with total satisfaction on their part.



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