At EGEIN we run with our hearts!

We ran 42 km, with 2 teams, of 4 girls each, united by sport, fun, commitment and solidarity. This marathon was much more than a race, it was a day that transcended beyond sport. It was an opportunity to support the Department of Pediatric Oncology of the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu. An initiative to contribute to improving the health of the little ones, their dreams and hopes of their families. The entire team wants the company to be more than just building structures, together we want to build a better world for everyone. Our participation in this event reflects our commitment to charitable causes. To all the people who made it possible, thank you very much for being part of our team! EGEIN we build a better world!



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We have been accompanying our clients for more than 45 years in the development of the project until the start-up of the facilities with the seriousness, commitment and professionalism that characterizes us.