Revolutionizing the past: EGEIN transforms the Galobart Colony into a landmark of the present!

We are delighted to share with you the exciting project on which we are working: the transformation of the emblematic Colònia Galobart into a symbol of engineering and historical heritage. EGEIN, we are the ones responsible for the engineering and the integral construction of this challenging project.

Colònia Galobart, located in Navarcles, in the Catalan region of Bages, is an old industrial colony with valuable historical heritage.

Our objective is to carry out the engineering and construction work of the R+D+i center, LOGISTICS PLATFORM, OFFICES and interior URBANIZATION efficiently and respecting the architectural singularity, preserving the value and arrival, and giving a second life to the existing infrastructures, now that it has strengthened its own energy production by using hydraulic turbines and installing photovoltaic solar energy to promote sustainability and minimize the energy consumption of the factory.

Ens is satisfied to have comptat with the confidence of Grup Savència, a leading business group of great worldwide prestige, for the end of this magnificent transformation.

The potential and the international dimension of Grupo Savencia are indisputable, and the choice of trusting in EGEIN as its trusted partner for this strategic project for the impetus of the company SOSA INGREDIENTS is the impetus for assuring our successes.

The location of Colònia Galobart is truly emblematic, with a high historical value. As they face unique challenges to preserve and enhance this industrial heritage, due to the completion of the necessary works, from the final design phase to the integral execution of Claus in my life. A part of our work that has contributed more important internal functionalities has been carrying out the asphalt works during the September cap last week, according to the planned planning and does not interfere in the factory operations and logistics of a plant that rep to prop 300 vehicles daily.

We are committed to the contribution of the best technical and economic solutions with excel•lència and the lliurament of exceptional results. Our multidisciplinary team of engineers, architects and construction professionals has worked tirelessly to ensure the highest quality in each aspect of this project. Every detail has been carefully planned and executed, assuring a successful transformation of Colònia Galobart into an R+D+i center, industrial plant and logistics center at controlled temperature, for innovation, manufacture and distribution of SOSA INGREDIENTS food products , integrated into SAVENCIA GROUP. This project is a testimonial of our experience and ability to face complex challenges with success. Being part of the history of the Colònia Galobart, contributing to its revitalization and donating a second life to this historical industrial heritage to convert it into industrial installations of current and future reference in our pride.



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