Rehabilitation of industrial buildings: innovation and efficiency

At EGEIN, we are experts in finding construction solutions that not only meet your expectations, but also optimize resources and reduce environmental impact.

Our specialization includes:
Renovation of industrial roofs:

We implement solutions to eliminate leaks, improve insulation and enhance natural ventilation, thus reducing energy consumption.

Renovation of metal facades:

We transform the image of your company by improving the insulation and tightness of your facilities.

Comprehensive rehabilitations:

Our team is specialized in renovations of industrial buildings, carrying out interventions in factories and warehouses in operation, always minimizing the interruption of their daily operations.

Commitment to efficiency:

Each project is an opportunity to demonstrate that efficiency and innovation go hand in hand, guaranteeing optimal results with the least possible impact on your daily operations.



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We have been accompanying our clients for more than 45 years in the development of the project until the start-up of the facilities with the seriousness, commitment and professionalism that characterizes us.