In 2023, the need for and demand for logistics space continues to grow in the main communication corridors, as can be seen from the attached study.

If this is the need of your company in Catalonia, EGEIN can help you, from the location of industrial land, the project, obtaining licenses and the execution of turnkey works, through financing or external investment, so that you can you can dedicate to what you know best, which is the logistics and distribution operation, without worries or technical, real estate, deadlines or investment problems.

In the event that your Company's strategy involves renting spaces without a heritage vision, we can help you through customized construction and a long-term lease, without investment in real estate assets on your part.

We are currently developing some promotions located in the crown of Barcelona, ​​Girona and in the Logis Empordà, with direct connection to AP-7 in all cases, where we will have logistics surfaces with PCI designed for Medium-5 risk at 12m storage height , picking area and offices, of high quality and BREEAM certification, available for rent for future deliveries.



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We have been accompanying our clients for more than 45 years in the development of the project until the start-up of the facilities with the seriousness, commitment and professionalism that characterize us.