Design of foundation systems for industrial buildings: the importance of choosing the right solution.

As an engineering and construction company, at EGEIN we know that the design and execution of foundation systems are critical aspects to guarantee the safety and durability of the industrial buildings we build.

  The first step in the design of a foundation system is to carry out a geotechnical study to analyze the characteristics of the subsoil and determine the structural resistance of the different layers of the ground. Based on the results obtained, we can choose the most appropriate foundation solution and calculate its dimensioning, applying the necessary safety factors.

  In industrial construction, we try to prioritize the use of superficial foundation systems using footings, since it is the most economical solution and with the shortest execution time. However, depending on the depth and resistance of the load-bearing layers, semi-deep systems or deep foundations using piling can be used.

  At #EGEIN, we have extensive experience in the design, calculation and execution of different foundation systems. For example, in the industrial construction works currently underway in Vilablareix, Narbonne and Béziers we have opted for a shallow foundation using chalice footings, while in the extension of a nightclub in the port of Cap d'Agde we have chosen a superficial foundation with a mechanical screw system due to the presence of the seawater level in the vicinity of the foundation. In the construction of a logistics platform in Igualada, on the other hand, we have opted for a deep foundation using piling, to support the loads of the building on the resistant layer.

  The choice of the foundation system is crucial in the construction of industrial buildings. At EGEIN, we make sure to carry out an adequate geotechnical study to choose, design and calculate the optimal solution, guaranteeing the safety, durability and cost efficiency and execution times of the
industrial, logistic and commercial buildings that we build.



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