Deconstruction and disassembly works of an industrial machinery manufacturing plant

We began the deconstruction and disassembly works of an industrial machinery manufacturing plant, which has recently suffered a fire due to fortuitous causes, for its subsequent reconstruction of the plant and facilities.

Being a sudden and unforeseen accident, it has generated as a consequence a serious problem in the operation of the industrial activity and the short and medium term commitments of our client. To help solve your daily operations, our teams have been involved from the outset, initially in technical analysis and diagnosis, study of the necessary reconstruction solution and urgent license management, also managing adaptation and licenses in a provisional space under lease to maintain the operations of our client during the execution of the reconstruction works.

Through the involvement of our teams and the comprehensive engineering and construction service, we are providing a comprehensive solution as a single interlocutor and as a matter of urgency, to adapt and reduce reconstruction times and to be able to minimize the impact of this incident, at the same time We must be agile in responding to the construction and installation needs necessary to be able to recover and improve the industrial activity of our client in the shortest possible time.

Despite the seriousness of an accident of these characteristics and dimensions, it should be noted positively, first of all, that there was no impact on the health or integrity of any person, internal or external, nor did it generate any kind of material damage to adjoining buildings, as it is a type C building.

Secondly, the operation of the ship’s passive fire safety, designed and built by EGEIN 25 years ago, is positively noteworthy, and that despite the spectacularity and dimension of the incident, it only affected the production sector, maintaining the integrity of the set of annexed offices on two floors, which can continue to operate normally, while the reconstruction of the affected industrial area is carried out.

Our multidisciplinary teams continue to work with maximum involvement and efficiency to meet our client’s planning objectives.



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