Comprehensive construction engineering and facilities for a chemical products warehouse

EGEIN Engineering is developing the comprehensive engineering for the construction of a chemical products warehouse for Nalco Water of the international Ecolab Group, at its industrial plant in Celrà.

We have been responsible from the initial design, the projects of works and installations through the BIM system in IFC files, as well as the processing and management of administrative licenses and industrial legalizations.

The warehouse has been designed using a metal structure articulated at the base to reduce the cost of the foundations and increase the separation between pillars to optimize the volume of logistics storage, and mixed enclosures using metal facades to optimize the thermal insulation of the building and passive protection. of fires through REI prefabricated facades.

The project has a fire protection system through automatic detection, a system of equipped fire hydrants and an automatic sprinkler extinguishing system on various levels, as well as a system of smoke partitioning curtains and roof ventilators.

A highly planimetric pavement has been made prepared for the automated maintenance of the logistics warehouse by means of Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) type robots.

The new building will have an automatic system of retention barriers for chemical products in the event of an accidental spill, which works by means of a pneumatic system, avoiding the usual solution of a retention bucket that would make AGV logistics management difficult.

The structure and roof are planned for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels, and there are adjustable lighting rails for better energy efficiency in the building.

The building complies with the most restrictive standards and approval, with the <FM Approved> seal.

We are currently managing the project, by directing and coordinating the works and facilities execution phase, in compliance with the cost forecast and execution deadlines set in the initial planning phase.

The project is being developed according to the strictest health and safety requirements with the objective of zero accidents in the execution phase of works and facilities.

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