Assembly of a prefabricated structure for an industrial promotion building in France

Start of the assembly of a prefabricated structure for a new industrial development building in France, corresponding to a new phase for a client who has renewed his trust in our turnkey engineering and construction teams for his new building for the third time.

Through the industrialized assembly system with a highly specialized team, the logistical organization and the anticipation of technical projects and manufacturing, we achieved an assembly period of 12 days for the entire structure, slabs, stairs, interior partitions and prefabricated enclosures for this ship of more than 1,500 m2.

With the technical system of industrialized construction using precast concrete pillars and prestressed girders and solid precast panels, we ensure a high degree of stability and fire resistance of the structure and partitioning between different buildings, without the need for subsequent coatings.

Through the construction of the office floors with prestressed alveolar plates and precast concrete stairs, we achieve large spans without intermediate pillars on the ground floor, guaranteeing the fire stability of the complex and reducing possible vibrations.

The project has been carried out using a single-slope structure and a sandwich panel with incorporated insulation, for the photovoltaic installation on the roof.

Our clients value an optimized technical solution and a single specialist interlocutor from the design to the integral execution of their industrial and logistics buildings.

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