EGEIN is developing the comprehensive engineering for the new implementation, adaptation and facilities for an industrial machinery company in Palafrugell.

Our client has purchased an existing, well-located industrial warehouse, but there are no plans available.

Do you think it is a problem? How can you make decisions for your new activity without prior information? Could there be risks of errors in the implementation? 

Through 3D laser scanning we have carried out a survey of the current state of the building, obtaining the real exterior and interior modeling of the building.

With this technology we have managed to carry out a survey in a minimum period of time and without any margin of error, in order to quickly focus on solutions, providing real value to our client in the design and execution of reforms and installations that will allow them to put start up your activity reliably and in a much faster time frame.



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We have been accompanying our clients for more than 45 years in the development of the project until the start-up of the facilities with the seriousness, commitment and professionalism that characterize us.