EGEIN contributes through the Red Cross its collaboration to Help the Crisis in Ukraine and encourages you to participate

Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes after the escalation of tension in Ukraine.

The situation continues to be dramatic and urgent action is needed to provide services to care for the population and reduce the humanitarian impact of this crisis, which poses a threat to people’s lives.

Supplies, essential services and other infrastructure have been disrupted, triggering humanitarian and protection needs. The UN has estimated that 1.7 billion dollars will be required to meet and cover the basic needs of the more than 4 million displaced by the conflict.

Through this initiative, articulated by Fundació Caixa d’Enginyers, from EGEIN we have already contributed our donation to collaborate with CRUZ ROJA, destined entirely to provide health care and basic necessities to Ukraine and neighboring countries that host displaced people .

Everything counts. From EGEIN we also encourage you to collaborate to provide assistance in the field through the following trusted link:

ayuda ucrania egein
cruz roja
caixa enginyers



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