EGEIN congratulates NEOTECMAN

From EGEIN we would like to congratulate NEOTECMAN and thank once again the company’s management for its full confidence in our teams for the turnkey engineering and construction of its new industrial facilities in Celrà (Girona), with a high degree of technological innovation and international projection in machinery and presses for hot forging.

EGEIN has developed the project and the comprehensive construction of the new production plant and showroom with the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

EGEIN has optimized the functionality of the new industrial warehouse, providing maximum flexibility, allowing the design and development of machines that may require significant surfaces and volumes, assemblies that may be highly variable in dimensions for each occasion, and at the same time can carry out technical demonstrations. and commercial services on site for its international industrial clients.

To achieve this objective of maximum versatility of uses and at the same time achieve a technological and very light image of the industrial facilities in accordance with the technology of their machines, we have developed a metal structure using frames without intermediate pillars on the entire surface of the industrial warehouse.

The facades and roof have been made with metal panel systems to provide a high level of insulation and comfort in the showroom area, while reinforcing the technological image in a smooth thermo-lacquered steel finish in accordance with the innovation of its latest generation machines. .

Through natural lighting on the roof we provide uniformity and optimal lighting for your industrial showroom objective.

Congratulations on your career and many successes for NEOTECMAN in its new facilities in Celrà!



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