When the client personally congratulates our construction team, and subsequently the construction manager as the head of EGEIN in the execution phase, he is actually thanking the work carried out by the entire team behind it and that is not visible to him, but which is vitally important for the success of the project.

Our client is happy with the leaves and fruits of the tree, but he does not see the branches or the trunk that makes up the rest of the team, much less the roots of the tree that make up the resources, processes and internal organization of EGEIN that are the result. of the specialization and accumulated experience, from the engineering and technical design office, calculation and optimization of technical solutions, manufacturing and logistics, execution and assembly, to the economic and administrative management associated with the turnkey execution of the entire construction process. industrial design and construction in a VUCA environment, as complex as the

From EGEIN we want to share the success story in the turnkey design and construction of a building divided into 4 industrial and office premises for rent in France, which we have just completed recently, with the explicit congratulations of our client, who has reiterated to us effusively after handing over the keys to the completely finished building just 6 months after presenting our comprehensive proposal for the technical and economic solution.

Our intervention in the project has gone far beyond the construction of an industrial building for rent. We have participated in the design of the architecture and integral functionality of the work, optimizing the construction costs of a building divided into 4 independent premises, with mezzanines for offices with prestressed systems without intermediate pillars, through a stable and prefabricated concrete structure and dividers. fire resistant.

We can conclude that by optimizing the design phase, we have managed to reduce our client’s costs and minimize the execution time of the work to make it available to its tenants and improve the profitability of our client’s investment, at the same time. which has delegated the entire process from the beginning to the handing over of the keys to the EGEIN team, being able to allocate the valuable time of its partners to the development of its own activity, unrelated to the construction of its promotion.



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